Benzlers BD Screw jacks

Benzlers BD Spindelgear - Donkraft

Product specifications

Feature Data
Sizes 27, 40, 58, 66, 86, 100, 125 and 200
Capacity up to 800,000 N (81 tonnes) in a unit
Speed up to 5,4 m/min
Spindle Trapezoidal or ball screw
Type Traditional with cast iron housing, partial stainless steel or wholly stainless steel.
Special features

Available in the ATEX version. Customisable for the job.

Benzlers Series BD screw jack (actuator) is the solution if you need to raise, lower, push or pull a load. This product is also used for positioning.

This product series has been used successfully in countless jobs over the years. The applications range from simple lifting mechanisms to complex connected jack units for lifting, for instance, theatre stages. In the paper industry, BD jacks are often used for positioning knives, lifting rollers, and other jobs.
The product is also used in jobs where the customer wants an alternative to a hydraulic cylinder, for elevating work tables and similar things in the food or medicinal industries. For these companies, we can supply jacks and spindle gears in stainless steel.

The BD series is a comprehensive program, with a capacity of a few kilos to hundreds of tons. We manufacture screw jacks with both traditional trapezoidal lift spindles and ball screws.
The accessories catalogue is comprehensive.  In it, you will find protective bellows, insulated pipes and a myriad of ends/connection configurations and more.

If necessary, we will be happy to customise the product for the task, and we have a great deal of experience with running many units synchronously with cardan shafts or electronically.

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