Benzlers BS worm gear and gear motors

Benzlers BS snekkegear


Product specifications

Feature Data
Sizes 40, 50, 63, 71
Power Up to 4 kW
Torque Up to 310 Nm output torque.
Gearing Up to 104:1 with an option to combine gears for higher gear ratios.
Motor sizes IEC, from size 63 to 112
Special features "Environmental" version with stainless steel output shaft for the food industry. Available in the ATEX version.

The Benzlers Series BS worm gear unit has a compact design and a high torque rating. The BS worm gear is available as a single gear unit or as a complete gear motor. The program includes all the necessary accessories such as output flanges, output shaft assemblies, mounting feet, torque arms etc.

Furthermore, assembly flanges are available that make it possible to combine the worm gear units, thereby achieving very high gearing with compact installation dimensions.

As a gear motor, the worm gear is supplied with a standard IEC motor that is mounted on a clutch housing. That increases the lifespan of the assembly because the gear shaft and the motor shaft each have their own bearings and because the flexible coupling between these 2 shafts can absorb any imprecisions and compensate for pulsating loads.

The use of IEC standard motors provides access to an extensive selection of motor configurations, e.g. stainless steel motors. The end-user is benefited by the fact that these standardised motors are easy to get all over the world.

For use in aggressive environments, for instance, jobs in the food industry where the equipment is exposed to a lot of cleaning, we offer an “environmental" version that is surface-treated in such a way that there is no peeling of paint that flakes off over time. The gearbox is also equipped with a stainless steel hollow shaft, an anti-corrosion solution in a design with completely smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces with specifications that match or exceed stainless steel gear solutions at a price that is very competitive.

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